— Tenant is the King

Do you have a building in a great location? Show it!

TenantButler from TenanTeam is a tool that allows tenants to see how your building’s location and surroundings match their needs.

Use our technology and show that you are a good match.

Data-driven choice

The decision about where to work is one of the most important decisions a company has to make. Tenants pay most attention to communication and the attractiveness of the surroundings when evaluating a building.


TenantButler is an extension for the website of your investment, thanks to which the tenant

check the quality of the connection to the building using the 4 most popular forms of transport

can ask their team about the needs related to time after work

check how the environment of your building responds to the requirements specified by employees

First of all, technology

Your building keeps up with the times, let your rental keep up with it too.

When you use TenantButler, you get state-of-the-art technology created by TenanTeam. See what your potential tenants can find out.


  • sochron
    Visual grid of travel times
  • Public transport
    Current data, fastest connections
  • Traffic volume
    Analysis of travel times during rush hours
  • Transport
    Analysis for public transport, car, bike and pedestrian.


  • good food
  • after-work time and facilities
  • sport
  • transport
  • car parks